Now this… this is ironic.

At the gym this morning, I noticed that there is a Good Humor Ice Cream vending machine.

That said… I’ve been reading that the best time to perform cardio exercise is first thing in the morning, as it forces the body to tap the fat reserves, so I decided to give it a go as I’m still hell-bent on eliminating this gut I’ve had since birth.

So today I woke up at the usual time, except instead of lounging on the couch with a cup of Africa Kitamu by Starbucks and watching another episode of Angel that I’ve already seen more than twice – I hopped in the shower, slammed my coffee, brushed, dressed, and was out the door and in the gym by 6:45am. I pulled about 4 miles in 30 minutes, pretty good rate for me considering I’m still getting back onto my feet.

I think I can continue to pull this off… I may get into a daily cardio habit as I can’t see the every other day thing as a benefit if I am trying to develop a good fitness habit. I hope to get at least a 45 minute session in every morning at some point – this is a good start.

So day 1 – 250lbs, 4 miles. Lets see how we do.

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