Since I finished the book the other night, I figured I would add my own chapter.

Corporate Shmucks.

6 months ago I needed more outlets installed at the hosting facility where I keep my servers. They tell me I need to request a power audit so they can see how much I’m currently using. The numbers come back a month and a half after I asked, I’m fine, I just need to get 2 more power strips. Now instead of having 4 strips – hows about I get 2 total with a higher amperage? Mind you, this is how I have things set up at my other hosting facility (much nicer folks over there). They come back with a price… but they won’t supply the power strips.

That’s fine… Which ones should I purchase then?

Now they do supply the strips – they just can’t tell me when, how, where or why about getting them there.

I ask – since I’m only using half the power (10 out of 20 amps) why can’t we just add more outlets? They suggest splitting the current outlet and adding a 2nd strip. That’s fine, lets do it.

4 months later I’m still asking – how do I get more outlets? I haven’t been able to add a single computer to this cabinet in nearly 6 months because these account reps have the attention span of a mouse in a cheese factory.

So I finally get a response. I can’t add more outlets. I aparrently need to move some of my hardware off to a 2nd cabinet because I’m using too much. Now apparently they have an 80% limit (16 AMPS) and I’m still using 10 AMPS. I’m using too much. Ok, I don’t care, I need outlets – what do I need to do to get more outlets.

Now I’m also exceeding some imaginary 90 watt per square foot limit in our cabinet. I’m only using half the space but I am now using too much amperage – and too much power – for our single cabinet. I need a 2nd cabinet, with power, etc… That I’ll only likely be able to use half of.

Does any of this make sense to you? I’ve got a 2nd hosting facility – same configuration, and no complaints. I’ve wasted 6 months to find out that what they told me initially was wrong, and now I’ve got to invest significant time and money to make up for the fact that what has been working for years is actually set up wrong.

How about I move my stuff to a place where it is set up right and they don’t come up with idiotic excuses, money grabs, and brain-dead support reps to solve the problems when all I need is a Goddamned extension cord.

I won’t say the name of the company that’s giving me heartburn – but if you happen to know the name of a hosting facility with 24 hour access that isn’t owned by a big name telephone company – let me know.

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