Drive… ?

When I saw a new series starting on Fox starring Amy Acker and Nathan Fillion, I kept close track of it so I could make sure not to miss the premiere. That said, I like it. Decent story, decent action, it’s got my attention peaked. Now considering that the last time Fillion starred in what turned out to be a cult classic – it was canceled due to shit marketing and a network that didn’t have a clear vision.

I hope like Hell they don’t make the same mistake here, but if I see one more commercial for Doritos or the Chevy Impala in the next 10 minutes I’m about ready to call it quits. Where they get off calling a show Drive, centering it around a race, and then STOPPING it every 10 minutes for the same lame ass commercials is beyond my ability to comprehend.

The premiere continues tomorrow night, the stories are developing and definitely like the direction it is taking. It’s nice to see a network breaking the mold… Maybe it’ll allow them to reclaim some of the ground lost to the cable networks.

That said, if some Fox exec is running a Google and catches this post – CUT THE DAMNED COMMERCIALS. It’s enough to make me change the channel.

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