That settles it…

I need to find a new place to live.

I’ve lived out in the boonies for a few years now, the quaint and quiet country life has a lot going for it. Tack on my affection for the scents of nature as well as the fact that I can nest just about anywhere, it has worked out well for me. Those facts aside, I am renting. While I have done small upgrades here and there to improve the environment, it’s a small house and there’s not much room for me, my lady, or any pets.

Last night while we were in the midst of the latest nor-easter – the roof over my futon started to leak… or it had been leaking, and eventually made its way through the ceiling tile… That’ll wake you up. So while reaching up to find where its coming from, I put a nice hole in the ceiling tile. Whoops.

I set up the bucket and garbage bag underneath it to protect the futon, and left it at that. Landlord said he’d patch the roof when the weather warmed up. In the mean time, he put some other stuff in the way of the leak to slow it down from getting into my place. So I get to sleep around 11pm, I wanted to stay up for The Shield but I had planned on getting to the gym at 6am the next day and 6 hours of sleep would have made that a really painful decision.

Around 12:15 I wake up and hear ‘beep – beep – beep’ and my alarm clock is dead. Sure enough, the power is out – Pine Island is black, and my UPS is letting me know about it. I shut everything down and for a few minutes enjoy the complete silence of where I live. Then the tinitus kicks in. Ok, I can deal with that. It goes away and I hear the dripping. I can’t tell if it’s outside, over my head, or coming through the ceiling.

I can still rest when I sleep light, but it just takes longer than if I’m out cold, so I stayed in bed until around 8:30am. Then I hear “scratch scratch scratch.” Mouse in the outside wall. No sleeping now, because between the woodpecker from the previous day, the dripping from the overnight, and the mouse now, I’m enduring at least 3 layers of Chinese Water Torture type activity and had I not gotten up I probably would have just started screaming.

So I like where I live – but I think it’s time for me to look around and find something better. Since the housing market has taken a nice big shit there are plenty of affordable properties all around, so hopefully in the coming weeks I’ll be moving in to a nice home of my own.


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