BET – Keepin It Real, Yo.

I get home from work today, fire up the TV, and flip through my music stations. My basic cable gets me VH1, MTV, MTV2, BET, and FUSE. I’ll admit, I haven’t watched much music video since they fully embraced POP, but there was nothing on TV so why not.

VH1? Flavor of Love. That’s right, a show all about trying to get a washed up rapper laid.
MTV? Parental Control. A show where parents set up their kids on dates with kids they approve of.
MTV2? Pimp My Ride. Mind you, they did bring a ’66 Thunderbird back to life, but it’s still a show about customizng cars – hosted by a rapper.
FUSE? Felicity. A show that lost 99% of its viewers when the main character got a hair cut.

What about BET? Rap videos. Last I heard, rap sales are still doing pretty good. Good to see some folks aren’t asleep at the wheel.

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