Do as we say, we are here to protect you.

The other day, while heading to mediate the fallout from the Don Imus fiasco, NJ’s Liberal governor John Corzine totaled his SUV.

N.J. Gov.’s SUV Went 91 Mph Before Crash

A Liberal? Driving an SUV? Why I never. What of the carbon output???

Insult to injury, he wasn’t wearing a seat belt (isn’t that illegal?) The guy had a NJ State Trooper following him in a marked SUV, and he didn’t even get a ticket. What, are we to believe that this political elite is immune to the justice constantly laid upon the common American?

One tick further, Corzine was travelling at 91mph. Now the top speed of just about any big highway in Jersey is 65mph.

Marked trooper, 91mph in a 65mph zone, no seat belt. Anyone else would have gotten pulled over, cussed out, and maybe even arrested. Quite honestly, after years of Liberal elitism and ‘do as I say but not as I do crap’ I don’t find a Liberal wrecking an SUV while driving 91mph without a seat belt on an accident.

I call it Karma.

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