The Flood of ’07

Global Warming.

Global Cooling.

Nope… Just gas.

About 2 years ago we had some pretty severe rains that flooded the northeast. This past week, we had the same. Now I can’t remember anything like this from my youth, but what can I say – I didn’t get around much back then. I took some time to snap a few photos of flooding down the street from my house. What’s underwater is a golf course and a cornfield. Once Spring has finally sprung and everything has sprouted I’ll get some comparison shots. It’s fair to say a good sized portion of Pine Island is currently underwater. This morning on the way to work I even saw a bunch of rather confused chaps who couldn’t get to their barn because the road between the highway and the facility had been flooded out.

Enjoy the snaps. If you want any hi-res copies, drop me an email.


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