Marvel: Ultimate Alliance [****-]

Cool game. Really cool game.

Take SmashTV, update the graphics, give it a comic book plot ala Marvel – then add a team of Marvel superheroes.

Controls are great, graphics are adequate. My main gripe thus far is the top-down 3/4 view as it provides just enough view to show the battle area, but that’s about it. I’ve had to fight the urge to physically try and peer further into a viewing area that doesn’t exist.

Beyond that, it’s a typical RPG shoot em up, character skills are developed by fighting, killing, and smashing. New attacks can be selected and reinforced with various physical attributes amplified via a points system. Pretty much the entire roster of the Marvel line are present, including the recently deceased Captain America. Plot lines are at a typical comic level as if its is translated from a Japanese plot, the dialogue is openly simple. Go ahead and watch it if you’re that into the characters, otherwise skip it and get back to blasting away at the bad guys.

So far my favorites are Wolverine, Thing, and Spiderman. The first two are great at throwing a beating while the 3rd is great at firing off a slurry of web bullets from a safe distance. I’m playing this game as I do most, at the normal skill level, and it’s moving pretty fast.

Like I said, cool game – a welcome addition to any comic fan and gamers collection.

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