Forza Motorsport 2 Demo [*****]

I want to specify that this review is for the DEMO version of FM2, available via XBOX Live.

One track, a couple dozen cars from various performance classes, and a graphics / physics / control scheme that will make any racing simulator fan mess up their undergarments. Make no doub,t I am a fan of the genre and I absolutely adored the original Forza Motorsport. The original game is an easy on-par competitor with the legendary Gran Turismo… IMHO FM2 will shatter the mold, set a new bar, and give racing fans with a PS3 a reason to doubt their purchasing practices.

I tried a few different cars and classes on the track, all vehicles offered accurate sound reproduction and the controls were for lack of a better term – PERFECT. The ‘ideal racing line’ has returned, this time with an option limiting display to braking only. I won’t get into whether or not this is cheating – but for a novice racer it’s great and for an experienced racer it’s a fine way to help learn the digital tracks.

The graphics are as photo-realistic and fast as I have seen on the 360, and HD reproduction is near flawless. The level of trackside detail is at a point not nearing distraction but a sure sign that the old days of static models in the peripheral are over. AI is aggressive but flexible although picking the right car does seem to add an almost unfair advantage. This is an unavoidable aspect to any racing game I’ve played thus far – but the challenge is never diminished. Screw up in any car – and you’ll pay. Nail the right line each time – and the seconds of lead will quickly add up.

I’m absolutely looking forward to this game, as should any race fan – it looks to be a groundbreaking sequel that will honor the original while setting the pace of things to come.

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