We named the dog Indiana…

Big news in racing is that Dale Earnhardt Jr is going to leave DEI at the end of 2007 season for a yet to be determined team. I say good for him. His father’s a legend of the sport, just the same – I doubt he has any desire to ride the coat tails of the black #3. While some rumor that he may actually hook up with RCR like his old man, at this point the possibilities are endless.

Dale is a solid driver and has long been under the shadow and thumb of DEI – he wanted a larger part in the game and was locked out. His name is synonymous with the sport and I can easily see him 10 years from now being a living legend of the sport. DEI – as stated repeatedly in the interview was his father’s dream. It was also his father’s dream to have Dale at the helm. That hasn’t come about, doesn’t appear to come about – and I see no better way to honor that dream than to move on and for lack of a better term – bury DEI.

Whether it be RCR, Junior Motorsports, or some other team – best of luck to Dale, from here the only way is up.

To Theresa and the folks at DEI that let this happen… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… Morons.

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