Aw F**K

So I’m at the gym last night doing my crunches when I hear it… The second worse sound that anyone can hear while surrounded by strangers. RRRRRIP. No, I didn’t break wind – but my boxers tore. I heard it, I felt it, I let out an ‘Aw F**K’ and had the people behind me giggling. Luckily enough my actual gym shorts didn’t tear but I guess all the lower body exercises are paying off.

Currently my workout consists of about an hour of weightlifting, 20 minutes of crunches, and 15 minutes of cardio – all in that order.

My current stats are: (Machine / Free Weights)
Chest Press: 250lbs / 200lbs
Seated Row: 150lbs / x
Dumbell Curl: x / 70lbs
Lower back: 280lbs / x
Shoulder Press: 200lbs / x
Butterfly: 220lbs / x
Deltoid: 160lbs / x
Lateral Raise: 100lbs / 40lbs
Lateral Pull: 150lbs
Shrug: 130lbs

The machines definitely do have some leeway as when I moved to free-weights on the lateral raise I was stunned that 20lbs per arm was kicking my ass. It just gives me a good starting point, I figure when I max out a machine it’s time to move on to free-weights and get everything else in line. I’m actually at 255lbs at this point, a little opposite of my original goal but I’m sure at some point it will level out.

As for the crunches, I do a few different types each week that usually leave me on my back and cursing so I’m doing something right!

Cardio, I do 15 minutes on the elliptical at 75% of full resistance which normally equates to 2 miles and rubber legs.

Doing pretty good so far.

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