After work today I headed out to Sam’s Club as my supplies in bulk were running short, and I get cranky if I run out of Propel. I’m heading out to the highway when this VW Jetta with a blond girl at the wheel comes flying up on my ass. I don’t pay much attention to her tailgating as I merge on to the highway, dust her, and keep going. I slow down and after a minute or so she blows past me. Alllllllllllrighty then. I continue on my way, and catch up to her. I make a point to stay no closer to her rear bumper than she was to mine. After about a minute or so of this, she throws her hands up in the air then pulls some crazy driving maneuvers as her little Jetta books off into the sunset.

Never get that. People do something stupid – and then flip out when someone else does the same thing. Yes, I just admitted I was stupid.

So I’m heading home from Sam’s Club and as I get onto 84, I’m in the left lane when I catch up to some idiot in a Hyundai who is parked next to a box truck. Now I didn’t tailgate, but after a minute the guy/gal (didn’t look) pulls over into the right lane, and as I pass they flip me off. I just keep going, and watch in my rear view as they pull back into the left lane and once again hold up traffic.

People are just wacky… Must be the heat.

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