This thing of ours… (cont)

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in modern entertainment… The thought that a fan should actually have a say in the work of an artist.

Now mind you, if the artist actually wants this sort of input – that’s fine.

I keep reading these egocentric and completely absurd rants about the Soprano’s series finale and all they do is make the author of the rant look like a petulant child badly in need of a spanking. This modern age has reinvigorated the American brat. Where once kids had recess to vent of excess energy, we now ban recess and give them Ritalin. Where once maturity helped people to not be brats… Now we have the age of instant gratification.

People want to control what they see all the time, from the War in Iraq to the Star Wars saga to the Sopranos. Could we imagine a world where the people of Italy were tasked with telling Michelangelo how to paint the Sistine Chapel? What about Picasso, or Van Gogh… What if someone didn’t quite like Starry Night as is. The artists would have laughed in their faces and stuck to their vision.

True artists will stick to their guns and create their art as THEY see it – not how the fans will. We all know what happens when fans get involved, I doubt the last Star Wars trilogy would have sucked so bad if Lucas had just ignored the needs of a hundred thousand overgrown brats who never understood the concept of science FICTION.

Chase ended the series how he wanted it. Now that it’s over, all the resident experts will chime in with their one view of how it SHOULD have been. Frankly I’m sick of all the Monday morning quarterbacking in every facet of our society. Yes we have free speech, yes we have the right to express our opinions, but just the same – shut the fuck up already cos nobody cares.

Endless conspiracy theories of what took place when the screen went black is precisely what Chase wanted. Those brats who are bitching should just dry off their palms and tuck their Johnsons away because short of a vivid imagination you are NOT going to get that final 2 seconds of footage that answers EVERY question left unanswered.

Just sit back, close your eyes, and for a moment think… what it would be like to actually have a life. Refreshing, no?

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