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Back in ’99 when the Sopranos came out, it was groundbreaking… a view at La Cosa Nostra that nobody had ever seen before. Gone were the 3 hour long sagas of Coppola and in was a fast-paced web of intrigue and suspense with a side of humor that was well…fahgeddaboudit.

I’ve enjoyed the show since its inception and caught every episode. The ethnic humor, the mafia storyline, everything IMHO was executed perfectly for the context of the show which was – Tony Soprano and his family.

Were there weak points? Sure. Any series which has run as many seasons as the Sopranos is bound to have a few stinkers that – in the grand vision of the series – do not really matter.

That said, the series finale was last night and after rushing home from the races at Pocono to catch the west-cost feed at midnight, I can honestly say I was pleased with the ending.


The war between NY and NJ is over, deals have been struck, Phil is taken out beautifully.
Tony has a sexy new shrink.
Carmela is working on yet a new spec house.
Meadow’s career is taking off.
AJ finally has a job he likes, a BMW M3, and a HighSchool junior to ride him in it.
Syl? No idea. Does it matter? Janice is a basket case as usual, Junior is still nuts, Paulie finally gets the bump and respect he wanted and STILL isn’t happy.

Now I could be wrong, but I think the outfit he’s wearing in the diner as well as the place itself all links back to the first season some how… I’ll have to pick it up and find out. They leave with some really obvious imagery, leading most people to think that Meadow enters the diner just in time to see Tony get taken out by a nervous hitman. In reality, there’s no way to know. The screen goes black just as Meadow enters leaving that last few seconds to the imagination of every viewer.

It’s a poetic way to end the series… we enter it in the midst of the lives of the Soprano family, and we leave it in the midst of the lives of the Soprano family… No happy ending, no sure ending, just a big question mark to make sure that it will be discussed for years to come.

Good show.

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