Coke Zero – A step in the right direction.

Our nations obsession with the soft drink is nearly as dangerous as its obsession with the hard drink. Course, I’d rather wake up with a hangover than 10lbs heavier due to the amount of sodium and empty calories I’ve consumed.

I don’t drink soft drinks anymore besides an occasional glass of ginger-ale. My favorite is Coca Cola. Tons of calories, tons of sodium, plus some sort of acid that can actually wipe out tooth enamel, clean tools, and even strip the paint off a car.

Coke Zero is their latest iteration, 0 calories, 30mg of sodium per serving, and for once – it’s a diet soda that doesn’t taste like diet soda. Sure, there is a faint nutra-sweet like aftertaste, but not nearly as powerful as diet. If I were to call this stuff anything, I’d call it Coke Light. The syrup is thinner, the carbonation is less, and the sweetness isn’t obnoxious – it’s comfortable, like Coke.

Good show. Now if I only knew what drinking this chemical cocktail would do to me in 50 years, I’d consider buying more.

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