The Speed List – Update

I’ve continued to update the list of speeders on my road, so far I’ve collected 4 speeders and one tailgater who either saw the camera or simply didn’t have enough faith in his car to actually complete a pass when I was only doing 45mph. I will keep updating the list as I spot new speeders, I’m actually hoping to get at least 10 by the end of the week, that way I can do a little rough math and maybe find a way to make an educated guess of how many people are still speeding on this road. 8 or 10 speeders might not seem like much over the course of a week, but understand that this is 1-2 speeders over the course of a 10 minute commute, which translates to a rate of around 12 speeders per hour doing at least 15mph over the limit.

Consider the number of people I personally affect by not speeding, the one or two cars which can pass me usually do, but if there are a line of cars, it is unlikely that people who were speeding will continue to do so unless many people pass me. I would suppose that my numbers are not entirely accurate as I’m not at the side of the road with a radar gun – which leads to my main point… Where is the enforcement???

Arbitrary speed limits decided without the benefit of science or law enforcement influence are an absolute waste of taxpayer dollars and will only serve to punish the decent, law abiding drivers like myself with longer commute times and also by being subjected to more aggressive drivers who simply want to keep going like they always have.

The solution is simple – if the residents of Pulaski Hwy have any commitment to their cause, they will call on law enforcement to heavily patrol the road and wipe away the reputation that it has had for as long as I have driven it – Pulaski Speedway.

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