The Speed List – Update 2

Well I’d like to say I got a photo of the flatbed tractor/trailer from last night but apparently my camera finally gave up. We entered the 45mph zone doing 60, I slowed, he didn’t, and he just kept on going. This will be my last day of this project, I can’t imagine photographing people every day on my way to work – I may highlight the real morons if I get a good one – but otherwise I think I’ve proven my point – a fair enough number of drivers are ignoring the new speed limit and without law enforcement involvement they will continue to do so. I suppose it’s up to the residents of Pulaski Hwy, those 92 individuals who signed a petition and got new signs installed. The only question now should be – are they willing to push local authorities to the point that they finish the job?

Who knows. So far I’ve seen 1 local and 1 state trooper completely avoid the road, I plan on moving in the next few months so – it’s not my fight anymore. Hopefully something will change out here before the yuppies get involved.


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