Ahhhhhhhhh Shaddap.



Now maybe it’s because i’m White.

Maybe it’s because my head isn’t up my ass.

Or maybe it’s because I’ve been paying attention to professional sports for the past 20 years and know full well that when I see a black guy in that position it means that they’re about to outrun or run over some other athlete on a field of competition be it professional running or football!

I guess it’s true that if you’re out to find something inevitably you will – everywhere you turn. Some people might see this as racist because it’s a bunch of black guys crouched below a white guy – but they’re IDIOTS. They aren’t kneeling, they aren’t bowing, they’re getting ready to spring forward and get ahead of the rest.

I always ask myself in these situations, “if the races were reversed – would it still be racist?” The answer is NO. The ad wouldn’t make sense with a bunch of white runners in stance with a black guy standing up, we’re talking Intel here – not Cyrix.

(Note: Cyrix CPU’s were slow pieces of crap that tried to set their own standards. White runners are slow too. The stupid thing is that these people wouldn’t have complained one bit if the manager in the ad was also black.)

Get a life people…

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