Define… ‘Poetic.’

For the past few weeks I have been rallying against the speed limit change on Pulaski Highway, a heavily used thoroughfare between New Jersey, New York, and Interstate 86 / Highway 17. For as long as I can remember, it has been a very fast road with minimal traffic enforcement – with exception to the 35mph zone that passes through Goshen.

Due to a bad accident a couple years back, the limit was dropped last month to 45mph on a majority of the roadway. Over the course of my daily commute in both the morning and evening hours, I have yet to see 1 speed trap on Pulaski. I have on the other hand, photographed at least 1 or 2 cars from NJ, NY, NC, etc… passing in the 45mph zone.

Now the speed limit rises at the location of that bad accident, back up to 55mph. Apparently last week, in that zone, a Dodge Ram with a father and 3 children pulled out into the path of an oncoming Jeep Wrangler headed towards Pine Island from Goshen. Speed isn’t mentioned in the article – but this accident was either caused by speed, negligence, or the environment (blind curve, etc…).

Four injured in Pulaski Highway accident

Now I’m sure this will add credence to the call for lowering the speed limit for the rest of the highway. I don’t care, driving 10mph slower hasn’t affected my overall commute time negatively. However, it doesn’t matter how fast that Jeep was going – because the only people who could have slowed her down without ramming into her simply are not here and I blame those in charge.

I feel sorry for those involved, and the inevitable exploitation of this incident by opportunistic local politicians who simply don’t get it.

Drive safe, folks.

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