Deli still holds the lead when it comes to breakfast…

Living as close to Jersey as I do, one of my favorite breakfast treats is known as the “Taylor Ham, Egg, & Cheese.” Taylor Ham, otherwise known as Pork Roll (to people who simply will never get it) is this salty mass of fat and ham created in the 19th century by a wonderful man in Trenton, NJ.

Anyone who has had one, has rarely disliked it – and will be hooked for life.

That said, I tend to judge a deli by how well it makes this staple of life AS WE KNOW IT. A while back I raved about the local QuickChek – well they slipped up. While they use thicker slices than the local deli, they use those unrecognizable egg patties normally created with yellow egg powder and water, and usually frozen.

Central Deli? Thin slices and real egg. Do I get more at QuickChek? Technically. I get 2 eggs and 2 thick slices of Taylor ham where the Central Deli offers a similar amount of Taylor ham with only 1 fresh egg. I’ll take the single fresh egg. Hell, next time I’ll order one with two eggs.

I’d think that a business which is expanding out of Jersey would actually know how to make a proper breakfast sandwich without cutting corners!

Yes – I’m serious, you don’t fuck with a Sysadmin’s breakfast!

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