Ok, so maybe Dodge isn’t so bad.

So my rental of a few days turned into a week, the week is turning into a weekend, and the drama with the VW is turning into 2 weeks.  The wiring is fixed, on my dime.  The gauge cluster is being replaced under the warranty, so thankfully a little more than half of my daily rental bill will be covered by it.

My first rental was a Chevy Silverado 1500.  Great truck.  Plenty of power, plenty of comfort, plenty of thirst for gasoline.  Holy shit, I forgot how much a big truck drank.  We’re talking $20 every other day just to keep it at about 1/4 tank full.  When I realized the rental would be longer than I expected, I switched to a Dodge.

Yea, I know I said I’d never drive another Dodge, but I’m not really buying this one, it’s just a rental.  It’s a brand new Magnum SXT.  I’ll say this – it’s a great car.  It could use better tires, but there’s plenty of pep, a smooth ride, and the transmission is the best I’ve seen in a Chrysler.  The manumatic could shift a bit quicker, but it is what it is and that’s not a manual.

Still currently looking for a beater pickup.  Something that will run me no more than $2,000 with functioning 4×4 and preferably a manual transmission.  I’ve got a line on a Chevy locally that has an automatic which I’ll probably check out in a day or two.

My plans for the next few months involve moving into a new house, and owning my own truck would help.  That, and should another rodent attack my car – I won’t be paying rental fees.


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