Ninja Revenge

So I’m back into playing World of Warcraft after a spring/summer hiatus. I’ve moved my main character, currently a level 63 Human Rogue over to the Role Playing server called Argent Dawn. Besides knowing a few of the people who use it, I had hoped joining the RP server would allow me to deal with more mature players. For the most part, I was right – however the Ninja looting is my biggest gripe and is rampant on the server – so I’ve had to find ways to get them back or simply enjoy myself at their expense.

First some vocabulary for those of you who have NO CLUE what I’m talking about here. While playing the game, you’ve got enemies and loots. Enemies are mainly computer controlled bad guys, and loots are rewards that a player gets for defeating the enemy. Loots can also be defined as valuable items that can be picked up without fighting a bad guy. For instance, various herbs can be picked while in the game – they simply sprout up out of the ground and all a player has to do is walk over and grab it. Some of these herbs have one or more enemies near them. If a player runs up and just grabs the herb, the enemy will likely stop them and the player will be unable to grab the herb without first defeating the enemy.

What a Ninja will do is wait to see another player engage the enemy who is near the loot, and then steal the loot without getting injured. Another type of Ninja is the one who will team up with a group of players, then wait for a very valuable loot to drop – steal it and then leave the rest of the group to likely get slaughtered.

Like I said, this server is wrought with ninjas. Most commonly they will wait for me to engage an enemy, and then run up to steal whatever loot I was trying to get. Some times these loots are used to get money in game, other times they are used to complete missions. Either way, the ninja will steal and generally laugh at or ignore the person they just screwed over.

I’ve found 2 ways to get back at these folks, the first and easiest – ninja’ing them right back. Since my character is a Rogue, I have the ability to stealth (walk around completely invisible to players and enemies at or below my experience level). So I simply finish fighting the enemy, stealth, then follow the ninja and wait for them to engage an enemy or ninja again. If the engage an enemy? I just steal the loot. If they’re going to ninja again, I run up, steal the loot, then wait for the victim to finish fighting so I can give them the loot. Go ahead, say ‘awwww.’ Fuck off.

The second way I just discovered last night, and may continue to use if I can reproduce the results, is when I am attacking more than one enemy (in this case, 3) and another player tries to ninja my loot… I simply vanish. Vanish is a skill used by the rogue to immediately vanish from sight in a cloud of smoke. Do it right, and the enemies will forget that you are there, and you can run off, heal, etc… In this case, I vanished as the other player ran up to steal my loot. The 3 enemies then reset to their original positions, and proceeded to attack the other player. I then grabbed the loot I was originally after, and sat back laughing as the player’s character was killed.

I’ll give it a shot again tonight to see if it is repeatable, flash powder is cheap enough that the laughs are worth the expense.

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