Holy Smokin’ Eggs Batman!

Just finished writing a letter to QuickChek’s headquarters. My last one had been praising their new Florida, NY store. This one? Not so much.

The parking lot at the deli across the street was packed, so instead I went to QuickChek and ordered my Taylor ham, egg, & cheese. Now I ordered it at the kiosk, then headed over to buy my coffee. I get back to the deli counter and my sandwich is waiting for me.

I’m pretty hungry, so as I’m driving to work I start eating the sandwich, and about 2 bites in it hits me – the smell and taste of cigarettes. I gagged and spat out the rest of the sandwich – then smelled it again to confirm what just happened. Sure enough – it smelled like stale cigarettes. Someone either spat in my sandwich or wasn’t wearing those spiffy plastic gloves.

I doubt I’ll be buying any more ‘fresh made’ products from this location ever again. I should have just stuck with the Florida Central Deli – never had a problem there.

Crowded parking lot, be damned.

As a followup, I got a pretty quick response from the district manager for QuickChek and they’re checking the ingredients as well as video for anything out of the ordinary.  They’ve also offered me free breakfast tomorrow made by the manager.  It’s good to know they’ve got procedures in place to make sure everything is on the up and up – as I generally do like the store.

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