VW – The Saga Continues…

It’s officially been 2 weeks now since I last drove my VW.

I feel like I’ve been stuck in a room with a bottomless bowl of soylent green.

Long story short, 3 weeks ago, I started the car, smelled smoke – gas and temp gauges died.  Car ran fine so I went on vacation with it, and returned it to the local VW dealership the following Monday.  That day they find the source of the problem, a mouse nest on the fuel tank – the wires were chewed up coming from the fuel pump.  They have to order the part.

Tuesday… no part.

Wednesday… part arrives, tank is fixed.  Gauge cluster is broken.  BIG SURPRISE.  Part ordered.

Thursday… no part.

Friday… no part.

Monday… part arrives, no tech available to complete repair.

Tuesday… tech repairing… replacement gauge cluster is shot.  Part ordered.

Wednesday… no part.

Thursday… no part.

Friday… ?

As much as I got sick of fixing my Dodges, I could at least FIX THEM.  The car isn’t that old, it’s one of their best selling models, it shouldn’t take 2 f!@#ing weeks to fix a gauge cluster!  The one in my Dodge was great – the thing unplugged like a game cartridge after removing a couple screws.  Putting in a new one with different mileage?  No problem, bring it to the dealer and they sync it up with the mileage in the computer.

Not VW.  No, they don’t trust the dealer.  The dealer has to request a new cluster from the manufacturer, have it programmed for my car with the exact mileage, and shipped via FedEx or UPS.  Obviously the parts aren’t tested at the factory either.

I swear… I see a mouse in my yard it’s headed to the next life with a backside full of buckshot.

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