Lame Fuel

With Halo 3 nearly at our doorsteps, various companies are cashing in on links to the 3rd in a line of best-selling games (fuck you Ebert).  One of the majors?  Pepsi.  Mountain Dew has followed up their special ‘summer flavor’ over the past few years with what they like to call Game Fuel.

IMHO, it tastes like a mix of LiveWire and  Code Red.  I kinda like Code Red.  I really like LiveWire.  Mix the two and it tastes like unoriginal garbage mixed together without any testing or consideration for Dew fanatics like myself.

The fact they’d pull this crap off just to cash in on a game release really makes me wonder if anyone is awake over at Pepsi.

Advice for the folks at Pepsi, you already had something better suited as game fuel, it was called Josta… quit pawning this garbage on us and get back to innovating.

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