Hillary Clinton is nothing more than Dick Cheney with shoulderpads.

Now some folks think Bob Dylan sold out the day he plugged in to an amplifier.  I didn’t quite get it until now.

I flipped open the cover of the 40th anniversary issue of Rolling Propaganda and saw a two page advertisement with Bob Dylan on one side, and a Cadillac Escalade on the other, plus a brief plug for XM Satellite Radio.

Now I wouldn’t mind having an Escalade with XM and the money to keep both going.  Bob Dylan though?  He doesn’t belong there.  It’s like a picture of Bill Clinton hugging a virgin.  It just doesn’t wash.  If there was ever a message more clear that describes the content of that magazine.

“We’re bullshit, we know it, and you are too stupid to stop paying us for it.”

Thankfully it’s a free subscription, because after I saw that ad I sent the thing into the garbage can.  Fuck recycling, I want that thing to rot in a pile of waste.

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