The lunacy of politics… Last word.

So there’s this girl on Myspace who on a fairly regular basis reacts to the latest political hotbutton. The other day, she went off about how Obama apparently called Hillary Clinton a “bitch.” Now truthfulness aside, she made it sound as if this was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and the outrage was indicative of feeling ‘betrayed.’ Her post follows.

he’s right up there with bush!
how dare he call hillary a bitch. i’m not sticking up for her but this guy is a damn child. he throws temper tantrums, he’s a fuckin bully, and by most he is INSECURE and IMMATURE. and this is who people want as president? not over my dead body. that’s a sign of a WEAK president. as the years go by, the system spits out arrogant whack jobs just so they can have the so called title “President” in front of their name. I am sick and tired of leaders who can’t handle their duty for America. I mean seriously all the next candidates for 2008 are all losers. Whatever happened to good people like Truman, Lincoln, Kennedy?

So I read this, laughed, and responded:

The whole thing is a dog and pony show, no move or word is not calculated here to exact a specific reaction from the useful idiots that abound our great society. There isn’t a candidate in the lot capable of running this nation, and discounting Obama for calling Hillary Clinton a bitch simply shows that you’re falling into line exactly where the powers that be want you to.

For God’s sake, we have real live KLANSMEN in Congress right now, and you’re concerned about someone calling Clinton a bitch? Maybe someone will get tape of a politico calling Obama a “Nigger” so you can shift your vote again.

If you’re happy being a sheep, then by all means continue to rabble on about the falling sky. Truman dropped nukes to end a war, Lincoln freed the slaves to end a war, and Kennedy ate a bullet to keep one going. Pick up a book, please.

So then I log in this morning and see that she’s put up another bulletin titled “No apology.” The kicker, the ability to comment has been removed. Whats this? A political novice removing the ability for others to dissent? Noooo… Maybe it was the “useful idiot” comment?

apparently i hit a nerve with my fuck obama bulletin and have received a lot of complaints, insults, or praises.
i just wanna say thanks for all the “love” mail.
i rather shoot myself than take any advice from any form or shape of a republican first off. afterall, look at the fool who you put in the white house. obviously the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
and to everyone who said i need to pick up a book and read. thanks i do-i have lots of books. maybe if you took your head out from your ass you would see things a lot more clear.
i am aware of other problems that is going on in politics but my little outburst was focused on obama for that split second because how he stooped to a level of a child by the name calling. what a great example to set. throughout the months i have bitched about obama and if you think that my last bulletin is what did me in on why i don’t like him, then i hate to say it but you’re all idiots – that’s why you’re all republicans! that’s the problem with you’s, you always jump in full speed ready to swing without sitting back to see what was said or going on in the first place. so who’s the idiot now? remember, you don’t judge a book by its cover.
take your own advice and read.
and i still say fuck obama.

Cliche cliche cliche rabble rabble, I get it, I’m a generalization and a stereotype. Definitely the result of not being a free thinker. So I drop her a response via MySpace email and leave it at that…

Looks like I struck a nerve. For starters, I am not a Republican, I am a registered Conservative – and a moderate on most issues. You’re right though, I did vote for Bush twice. Attack me with all of the generalizations you like, but your passion has made you blind to the truth. Your reaction has proved my point.

I would never expect anyone to apologize for their beliefs. Simply put, excoriating Obama over 1 word is as pointless as excoriating Bush over his lack of speaking ability. There is so much more to it – but a majority of your posts seem to focus on the surface instead of what lies beneath. If you’re happy with that, then by all means – continue.

When it comes to discussing politics, or bringing up the weak points of an individual arguments – I find the best method is to read as many sides of an issue as possible… not simply focus on those who agree with me. Gets rather boring that way. I was attacking the basis for your argument – not you. Suggesting that you pick up a book was merely constructive criticism.

Emotion is the enemy of independent thought, most of your posts are based entirely in reactionary emotion. Venting if you will. I can understand the frustration as just about everyone in our so called Government is a joke with little or no consideration for We The People.

I’m rather honored to be the subject of your latest blindly passionate and emotional rant. I don’t think you’re an idiot, but I thank you very much for proving the point of my original response by removing my ability to comment on this one.

So I finally get a response to my latest comment…

My message went to everyone. I got a lot of responses not just in the bulletin but email-wise with people starting out with I’m a republican and so fourth. That’s why I had to make my point clear that I am far from it. Now some people think I’m with Hillary now and to be honest I would never vote for her. That one word does do damage. Especially one who is running for President. You have him siding with Oprah and she has many female supporters. Since he used a derogatory term, female activists are squirming over this. Sometimes little things count but I don’t like him just because of that. I think the 2008 race is a joke and a lot of the candidates are lacking one thing or another.

I may not be a conservative as you are, hence that’s why there are different parties with different beliefs but when one is being attacked and automatically everyone is ruling out my opinion-I am just a little peon who knows nothing.
It’s not that my reaction proved a point, I am not one to take anyones shit. That’s who I am – I stand my ground.

I may post things on the “surface” here and there but people can’t simply judge me without actually having a conversation to get what lies beneath to get my full input. (Just speaking in general). Thats why you never judge a book by its cover.

Politics is always gonna be a part of me cause I come from a family who was in Congress. Not that it matters but talking about it or whatever the case may be, it’s just always there being a part of me. I may not talk about it a lot on here cause I get enough of it at home but to think my passion has made me blind than so be it.

Cough, Sniff, Whimper. I’d love to know who the other people were who said the exact same things I did. I nailed it on the head, they didn’t care for it – and to end it all they send me this whiny, tear soaked, cliche ridden final response.

Last but not least, I have the last word.

As a side note – do you have a link to the story where he actually was tagged for saying it? I was looking around and couldn’t find anything…

I still literally have not found a single instance where Obama labelled Clinton a ‘bitch.’ Makes me wonder if this girl on MySpace is just a shill for the Clinton campaign working to pump MySpace full of unverifiable misinformation to make us feel bad for Clinton and dislike Obama. Really. Pathetic.

Mind you – I do not dislike political discussion, but I’m long past the days where I would simply smile and nod, and let this shit stand. If you’re stating your opinion – more power to you – but have it verifiable with FACT or don’t even bother.

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