NFS Pro Street: Addendum

EA is a big company.  Much bigger than it was when I first started playing NFS titles.  It started out with near unattainable supercars on the open roads and eventually got to the point of normal cars modified to race on the open streets.  Maybe the switch is a result of fear?  After all, this game starts with the customary disclaimer – but you’re racing on a track now.  They can’t be accused of promoting illegal street racing anymore.  All I know is that games should be a release from reality… if they have to become more real to avoid liability – then what’s the point… I’ll just play Scrabble.

I did play Pro Street for a couple more hours last night, I’ll admit it is fun – but it’s not as fun as I recall the older titles being.  The money aspect still pisses me off as well.  The big thing with PC games, is that they allowed developers to put out sloppy code which was eventually refined through various patches.  Consoles offered a reprieve from that because they did not contain any mechanism for updates.  You bought the game, and it generally worked right the first time.  Now with the online revolution and the major systems all offering permanent storage, developers are again in the position of offering incomplete games that can be updated… Only now you get CHARGED for it.

I’ll admit, I’ve used Xbox Live Marketplace to purchase various arcade titles, and even an update for Crackdown…  There’s no incentive to use it unless one owns a game, and with the popularity of rentals growing each day due to the $60 price tag – there’s something to consider in offering the updates for FREE, or just including them in the title to begin with.  I can’t imagine the income from a few new cars being enough to justify further shafting the worlds gamers.

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