Feel that sensation in your rear end? Yes, that’s called your THUMB.

I’m in the market to buy my own house.  I’m not exactly rich, neither myself or my fiancee’ are, but we’re working to make it happen.  Several real estate agencies provide some rather nice search tools which allow varied access to the MLS – a database of all available local properties.  I’ve got a pre-approval in my hand, one more on the way, an idea of what I want and an eagerness to get the ball rolling.

Now I’d already worked with one local realtor, a small independent shop, to locate rentals.  When that didn’t pan out after checking maybe a dozen rentals, we decided to go house hunting.  I considered working with the same realtor until we ran into her at the supermarket and she quickly pulled a 180.  Good to know the housing market is booming enough to be picky.

So I figure I’ll try the one the big name recommended.  After finally getting a hold of her a few weeks back, I send her a list of houses, a pre-approval, and then we make an appointment.  Nothing is available right now of course, so we wait until after the new year.  The day before the appointment, it’s cancelled.  This new realtor is still processing emails, and doing other things, but the appointment has been cancelled with no attempt made to reschedule.

So I contact her… And contact her… and contact her yet again.  Finally she says “I’ll call you back after this meeting.”  No callback.  No return email.  Next day I get in touch again, first she asks what my schedule is like, and then refers me to an entirely different broker.  At this point, unbenounced to me 5 of the 8 houses I wanted to look at are no longer available.  4 weeks of communicating with someone, and I’m no closer to even looking at a house.

I decided to end that relationship as well.  We’re now on to realtor #3, who works with a very small independent agency and hopefully will be showing me some homes tomorrow, as well as assisting us to move the process along.  While I understand that the process could take a few months, the fact is – if I find a house for sale I want to look at it as soon as possible.  If you’re going to cancel my appointment for anything short of death, you RESCHEDULE.  One thing I’ve learned about sales is, you either want the sale or you don’t.  Obviously I’ve run into a string of salespeople who don’t particularly care to do their job.  Maybe it’s because I’m not in the market for a half million dollar home, maybe it’s because I’m young, I don’t care.  I’ve got money to spend and a need to fulfill.  Hopefully 3rd is the charm.

Wish me luck.

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