Woosh & Bessie

My latest ride, an ’89 Chevy Silverado Z71 is affectionately called Bessie. That’s right, I’ve got a Chevy. I figured with the plan developing to get a house, as well as regular car rentals, all adding up to benefiting from the convenience of a second vehicle – when I saw Bessie go up for sale, I had to have it.


She needs some work, a few of the dashboard functions aren’t working, the front struts are shot, and there’s a little more rust than I’m comfortable with – but she’ll get me from A to B. As time proceeds I’ll work to restore the Bessie from Beater to BEATER so she’ll be in better shape than when she left the assembly line back in ’89. At least this one is registered, insured, and drivable unlike my ‘ol Buick ~sniff~.

Speaking of homes, we’ve made an offer on a home outside of Middletown, NY. ~fingers crossed~. We’re both sick of renting, me more than ever. Wish us luck

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