Harpoon Bay – Sneak Preview

Last week, Mi and I stopped in to the new Harpoon Bay at 48 Main St in Warwick, NY and had the opportunity to poke around.  I cannot tell you just how much we miss this restaurant!  Sure, there are plenty of great restaurants in the area, but anyone who has been to Harpoon Bay cannot deny that it stands out in nearly every way possible.

The new location offers more seats, more room, a full bar, and they practically had to pry me away from the massive kitchen.  It looks AMAZING!  Hopefully everything will be up and running in a couple weeks and we can stop wasting money on other chefs.  I won’t deny that there are some really good restaurants in the area, but we’re biased.

See. other restaurants in the area might have a meal worth remembering… but none of them really offer an all out experience.  You don’t just remember the meal when you leave Harpoon Bay, you remember everything – and unless you’re completely insane, you just can’t help but go back!  It doesn’t matter if you’re there for lunch, a casual dinner, or the most special night of your life – Harpoon Bay fits the bill, and Denis Viera fills the plate better than any chef short of my folks.

I’ll make sure to update when they’re again open for business, if you don’t hear me scream it first!

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