US state wants to tax TVs, video games to fight fat, fund education

I personally believe that any lawmaker that proposes a new tax, should be impeached and deported.

Considering the size of our federal budget, and how much we all pay in taxes, any conversation of something other than a tax CUT or ELIMINATION is obscene.

Want to put a dent in all the fatties?  Offer a tax break or elimination for parents whose children have an appropriate BMI.  Processed crap is tasty, that’s why it sells.  It’s also expensive – your average “value meal” costs upwards of $6.  For $6 you could buy a pound of ham and a loaf of bread, and eat lunch for a week.

I do that and save about $150-$200 per month, not to mention I’m not pumping my body full of crap.  If the government offered to cut my taxes for staying healthy?

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