Quick, name a group of people as useless and corrupt as PETA…

Misogyny justified in full in 3…2…1…

NY Feminists Accuse Kennedy of Betrayal

No, it wasn’t any of this

He didn’t endorse a woman candidate… simply because she was a woman.  Has nothing to do with qualification, or how the Clintons are trying to create their own illusion of Camelot…  Nope, she’s running, she has ovaries – she cries, and her husband is a pig.  VOTE FOR HILLARY!  Please.

Sorry folks, as far as I’m concerned, Obama is the best man for the job when it comes to Democrats – Hillary is riding the coattails of her rather unpredictable hubby. Experience still doesn’t matter, and even if it did, she’d still be as useless as NOW.

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