Yuppie Scum.

I had some errands to run this morning, so I found myself in downtown Warwick. They’ve made some changes around Stanley-Deming park, ala cutting the speed limit to 25mph as well as making the nearby cross-street a 4 way stop. Anyhow, I’m not in the best of moods this morning, there’s a lot of crap going on in my life at the moment and generally speaking – it’s given me a rather short fuse.

So I’m on South Street, heading towards town, and this ponce in a green CRV runs the stop signs by the park and speeds off. I catch up to him further down South Street only to see him run the stop sign pulling on to Main St. So I’m still behind the guy, and by the post office he pulls hard right, I pass, then he pulls hard left right behind me. I shake my head looking into the rearview and he mouths something at me.

Parking brake goes on.

Seatbelt comes off.

Door opens.

I walk back to the guy and I don’t shout – I simply state that he “ran two stop signs, one down by the park in the 25mph zone.” He says “What? I didn’t hear you.” So I repeat. “Is that why you were following me?” he asked…

“I wasn’t following you, but you did annoy the shit out of me.”

On my way out of town he stayed FAR back from me. I honestly wasn’t going to make a deal out of it, I wasn’t tailgating him, but once he started to play games with me I honestly didn’t feel like having some jerk on a power trip ruin my morning commute.

Back story – I got hit by a car down there when I was 13 because some dickhead was in a rush, and then they ran off while all the Police were focused on the parade going through the town. So when it comes to bolting through stop signs or speeding through the park – I’M A LITTLE SENSITIVE TO THE ISSUE.

Damn if I don’t feel fucking great right now though. 🙂

<dukewk_> marlin: most ridiculous is that getting out of your car isnow considered an act of road rage
<dukewk_> even if you just get out and stand there… and the currentlaws now have road rage now one notch better than hate crime
<Jim_> marlin: in a word, awesome
<dukewk_> which i never understood anyway… one guy beats another guy half to death – not a problem when they’re the same race, but a HUGE problem if they aren’t
<dukewk_> marlin: but you expect more from mini-suv drivers?
<marlin> well i just wasn’t going to let this continue to escalate
<marlin> cos if he started playing more games i was going to lose my temper
<marlin> so i just made it abundantly clear that he’s a paranoid asshole, and he shouldn’t play games with big men in volkswagens
* Jim_/#chat thinks “road rage? no officer, I was going to give him a
citizans arrest for multiple infractions on the law, but I decided
to let him off with a warning”.

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