Caught the 2 hour season finale of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles tonight and was knocked off my feet.

Well that’s a lie, I was on the couch the whole time, afraid to leave it because there was so much plot and character development in this show that it has set the bar to the stratosphere IMHO.  Short of any Joss Whedon series or Smallville, I haven’t seen so much respect given to a franchise while in the process reinvigorating it – EVAR.

There’s a new level of depth given to the killing machines, far beyond the talking toasters of the films – and even that of the comics.  The human roles are on their way to surgical perfection – nobody is limited to the history of their character – nor do they go too far.  I’m not going to give anything away here – just that to a fan of the Terminator franchise – it’s a winner.  I can’t imagine anyone else being disappointed either and PRAY it comes back for a second season.

Until then, hosts reruns, and rest assured until I can pick it up on Blu-Ray or DVD, I’ll be feeding the addiction.

Excellent job! Fantastic show!

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