Fuck you, Apple.

I’m done buying iTunes.

I’ve spent around $500 on albums and individual tracks since I started using it, and after my purchase tonight?  I’m done.

I will gladly go out and buy a CD, or even a DRM-Free MP3 from Amazon, but Apple, fuck you.

See, as long as I’ve used iTunes and been a customer, I have been stripping the DRM from my tracks so I can listen to them while I’m playing games on my Xbox 360.  Without doing this, I can’t listen to the music I’ve paid for, it just will not work.  To do this, I’ve used a tool called QTFairUse.  As of February 20th, 2008 – due to a C&D letter from FUCK YOU Apple, I can no longer get the updated versions.

I still have all my DRM tracks, but I also have non-DRM copies that give me a little more freedom when it comes to what I want to do with MY music.  Not unless Apple decides to create its own tool to remove the DRM, I say get off of QTFairUse’s back.  Seriously, they aren’t hurting anyone.  It simply gives the consumer (aka ME) who pays their hard earned cash for music from your store – absolute freedom to use listen to the music how I want to listen to it.

So FUCK YOU, Apple.  I really have no desire to do business with a company that operates under the guise of innovation but destroys it faster than Microsoft at an open-source convention.

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