All work and no play…

Been cramming the past few days to try and get my Windows 2003 MCSE completed.  I’ve had the 2000 certification since 2002, finished it before it was retired.  This time around I tried to wrap my mind around the book from Microsoft, but as usual they fill it full of every single detail to the nth degree, handy as a reference but when it comes to test prep its next to useless.

I ended up getting the Transcender study guides and practice exams, I used them last time around and they were a great help.  There’s literally so much to this stuff that I cannot comprehend one person short of Doogie Howser memorizing everything.

I’ve spent the past 6 years since I was certified using the knowledge where applicable, applying the concepts, and learning on the go.  That’s the best way to do it IMHO… but learning on the go doesn’t give you the spiffy little Microsoft card or the spiffier job offers.

Not that I’m all to eager to leave my current haunt, but at least I’d have some options with the updated cert… That and I’d have an easier path to a 2008 certification instead of having to take all 7 exams again.  I’d rather skip that.

So I’ve been studying, I’ve got my first test this Thursday – wish me luck.

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