Disclosure, Intro.

Back in 1997 I started going to college.  I was still dating my high school sweetheart, I had a good steady job, and I really didn’t want to go there.  That’s when I started writing.  Over the years I’ve kept a journal intermittently, mainly when I decided that speaking out wouldn’t help anyone, or just if I needed to sort myself out.

Recently I’ve gone through these documents, and relived some memories I’d completely forgotten about.  I’m going to share them here.  Names will be changed, maybe even places.  To anyone who happens to be part of these posts – just remember, these are a snapshot in time…  You know me now, you know how I feel about you, good or bad.  But if you have any questions – go ahead and drop a line.

I haven’t gotten personal here in a long time, and I think part of finding myself is looking back to acknowledge where I came from.  So, try not to laugh too hard… this is more for me than anyone else – but if you find meaning or comraderie, I’d love to hear it.


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