Disclosure – 8/31/1997

1158 – Well I’m here. I can’t say I am enjoying it very much… So far the only high-point of this new college experience was my neighbor lending me his copy of Diablo – which I have been playing to keep my mind clear. It seems when I start to think, I only cry. The computer is set up, obviously – but not on the network yet. I have to wait until Tuesday for some pencil pusher to punch my info into the system. I called up some people last night, like Gary, Paul, and Laura…. Laura was the only one I actually spoke to for a bit, kinda made me feel better – until I hung up that is. I left my phone number with everyone else; but so far I haven’t gotten a single call. Go figure. Anyhow, I’m sitting here, typing this crap, listening to Coverdale/Page and trying not to lose my mind. I haven’t gotten my books for my classes yet, chances are the place will be closed until Tuesday anyway… Agh crap… Sensitivity training?! bbl…

2015 DAMNIT… I HATE THIS NETWORK CARD… It just crashed my word processor while I was typing this… so here we go again. I walked out of the Sensitivity training, I came here to learn – not to be brainwashed. Both speakers were highly prejudiced with their own demons, and one was VERY sexist when it came to her views on men. So, instead of going crazy and screaming my opinion until their ears bled, I walked out. Next, I went to the campus deli and got some foodstuffs, like velveeta, iced tea mix, and some Ramen noodles. I’ve been here only 2 days and have already learned something, DO NOT BUY BAKED RAMEN NOODLES! I bought some Campbell Ramen packs, 3 to be exact. I reluctantly finished the beef flavored concoction about an hour ago… It tasted like crap. First of all, there wasn’t enough sodium in it. Less than 1000mg. Any GOOD Ramen packet has at least 2500mg I’m guessing. Too much sodium is bad for you, I know that much, but when it comes to Ramen noodles, too much is just right. The noodles texture was also quite shitting, they were baked, not fried like the good stuff. I didn’t even bother to finish the broth, I ate the noodles and heaved the rest out the window, which earned some decent screams, so I know I’m appreciated at least.

Maureen called me up while I was cooking the shit, I spoke with her for a few minutes, I’m not feeling as shitty as I did earlier, but I know it’ll kick in sooner or later. Woah, some babes just walked in (Laura if you’re reading this, don’t freak, I haven’t seen anything that even holds a candle to you – Paul, if you’re reading this… I HAVE BABES AND YOU DON’T! HAHAHAHA!)… Ah, they don’t like me already, which is a good thing, came in, saw me, walked out, an omen? *Pause to drink some Jolt (thanks Paul). Mike, if you see this, I’m playing some Journey now, HINT HINT. Hee hee, everyone’s shutting their doors, LONG LIVE ROCK ‘n’ ROLL!

A nice pause between playing Diablo… I’m horribly addicted to it, and since I don’t have Internet yet, it’s all I’ve got, other than the Doom, Quake, and Hexen… hehehehe. If I was Beavis, I’d be wankin’ it right now.

Welp, that’s my first post – I was 17 when I wrote that… Beavis??? Hah. Next episode is coming soon.

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