Disclosure – 9/1/1997


0024 Ah crap…  The network still won’t work.  Well I broke my first promise tonight, got a little bit tipsy.  Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, what can I say.  Frat parties are frikkin weird; they’re empty one moment, and the next thing you know they’re overflowing.  Word to the wise, avoid the punch, I think I saw them make some.

1349 Had lunch here for the first time, the food is horrid.  I had a ham & cheese, and a grilled cheese (that I REFUSE to finish).  Also got a brownie, an OJ, and a root beer.  I haven’t finished those either, there’s more water than orange in this ‘juice.’  Guess I’ll have to get my books tomorrow, everything is closed today.  <shrug>  Laura called me up at 9am, but I guess I slept right through the phone ringing.  That sucks.  Would have been nice to wake up to her voice.  I called her back, we chit chatted for a bit… and she started to cry before I hung up.  There’s nothing I can do about it.  I told her about the frat party last night, not like I can keep it from her.  I have one goal here, to get my ass kicked out.  If getting drunk like mad does it, then so be it.  I do not want to be here AT ALL.

Back then I still believed that honesty was the best policy, that honesty made everything alright.  Soon I would learn that if you don’t make the mistake in the first place, there’s no reason for everything to not be alright.

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