Good deed for the day…

Saved a puppy this morning.

Was headed into work, when I saw this little white fluffy guy in the middle of the road snacking on roadkill.  Of course I stopped, I was surprised that nobody nailed him yet.  So I laid on the horn a couple times, and eventually the dog latched on to the dead whatever, and pulled it off the road.

Since I’ve personally seen people swerve to hit an animal on the shoulder, I knew that the dog was still going to get nailed.  It had a tag on it, so as I walked over to it to try and find out where it belongs, the owner popped his head out and started shouting for it.  I told the guy it was in the middle of the road eating roadkill, hope he didn’t think I was trying to steal it.

I turn around in time to see a big tanker truck blaze past my car with maybe an inch to spare.


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