So the President in his infinite wisdom decided that what the economy needs right now is more money in the hands of consumers.  To that end, he effected a new stimulus package which gives each American taxpayer who earns less than $75,000 a year anywhere from $300 to $600.  Now I knew about this when it happened, I read some newspapers and websites, as well as heard about it on the nightly news.  Even Rush Limbaugh had a segment about it.

All that said – why did the IRS need to spend $42 million dollars to notify me that I was getting $600 bucks?

Personally, I believe that if our dollar wasn’t worth less than a roll of Charmin on the world market, our Government had spending under control, and taxes were low enough – I wouldn’t need a $600 check from the Fed to help stimulate the economy.

But anyhow – that check should cover the new cylinder heads and gaskets for the pickup… so thanks George.

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  1. Why they were notifying you was that there are a lot of stimulus-eligible people who never file taxes each year (because they don’t make enough to worry about it, or they know they’re getting a refund and it’s not enough that they feel the need to go through the effort to get it, etc.)

    Those people will NOT get their stimulus if they don’t file taxes. In other words, they won’t get their checks, they’ll call, complain, and consume call-center representatives’ time — a MUCH more expensive resource — arguing about why they didn’t get their stimulus check.

    It’s an investment on not wasting resources later, and not a bad one at that.

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