I say God Damn!

Heading home from Easter dinner this evening, I ended up behind a Ducati and Harley who were going at it, at every stoplight. With one stoplight to go, a brand new Dodge Dakota SLT caught up to me in time for the last drag of the evening. When the light turned, and the bikes took off, I floored it. 350 cubic inches of Chevy thunder shook the ground and that Dodge gained NO ground on me until the very end of the merge, I won the race.

I don’t really like to drive the truck fast, it’s 20 years old, has 170K miles on the odometer, burns a quart of oil every 1500 miles, and generally – is made to haul. Still, coming up to that first light the Dakota tried to get past me on sheer momentum but the red light killed that plan. I wonder if the guy who proceeded to tailgate me before pulling off so I wouldn’t see him stop at his house (which I saw – and really don’t care) knew that his brand new Dodge was just held off by something that probably couldn’t even pass inspection.

Talk about being proud tho. I can’t wait until the weather really warms up and I can start to dig in to that truck and fix it up. Can’t see too many more drag races in its future without some significant repairs, but it’s good to know it can still put the young ones in their place. 🙂

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