Oh shut up.

Can someone please point out the part of this article that mentions anything being done to lower the price of gasoline?!

Lawmakers bemoan high gas prices, big oil profits

Washington needs to get OUT of the oil business.  CUT taxes on big oil.  CUT taxes at the pump.  CUT ridiculous EPA requirements that call for anything but octane ratings.  STOP putting ethanol in the gas, it destroys gas mileage and is NOT a solution.  Provide the oil companies with BENEFITS for investing in alternative energy.  Provide automakers with BENEFITS for developing cleaner vehicles.  If big oil is in it for the money, then make sure they have a grand old time making it by allowing a business model that

Every time Washington forces the hand of industry, prices go up, quality goes down, and freedom of choice is vetoed in favor of politics as usual.  Jobs leave, money leaves, the exodus of people and profit from the US of A continues each day that these fracking idiots fuck with the economy.

Want to see a landslide election in ’08?  Come up with something that cuts the price of a gallon of gas to $1.50 per gallon, allows the oil companies to make obscene profits, and ensures that when alternative technologies become available the average American has the money to buy it instead of wasting their money on overpriced gasoline!

Quit bitching and start fixing, even if it means getting the frack out of the business altogether.

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