Somewhere I belong…

Past couple of weeks I’ve been putting up some oddly cryptic posts, including some entries from an old college journal. I did this with the intention of discovering more about myself – something that could make me understand the way things have played out in my life recently.

Well… no more cryptic posts, no more disclosure. There’s nothing more I really need to learn so much by looking back. Successes, failures, events, they all have lead me to where I am right now… and for the first time in a long time I truly feel that I am where I belong – in nearly every facet of my life.

Being aware of ones self can either be seen as wisdom or stupidity. I’d say I’ve got a fair mix of both at any point in time. But I know me. I’m happy, really, truly, genuinely happy – and every single choice I’ve made along the way has led me here.

It’s where I belong.

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