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Increased piracy hurt Microsoft’s quarter

Piracy has become the buzzword, if not the grand scapegoat to blame when sales falter for a given product.  Music, software, movies, etc…  you name it.  If it didn’t sell well, or if sales have dropped – it is due to piracy – if you ask the folks in charge of selling it.

That said – I think Microsoft is right in this instance, that piracy most likely has damaged their quarter.  I also believe that should Microsoft go through with the June 30th EOL for Windows XP – that it will only get worse.  The reason?  Windows Vista.  Now Microsoft has gone out of its way to force that pig of an operating system down the throats of all PC manufacturers as well as the general public who are forced to struggle through the attractive, yet garishly slow and clunky interfaces of Vista.

The result?  If they can’t buy XP, they’ll pirate XP – either themselves or through a neighborhood computer geek.  I think the real data Microsoft should examine, is if their profits dropped inversely to the number of new XP systems querying their Windows Update website.

It is no secret that Vista is a colossal failure, forced out onto the market well before its time and without most of the promised features available.  It is the WindowsME of 2008.  Of course, after ME eventually we got 2000 and XP, the two greatest operating systems ever created by Microsoft.

Here’s to hoping that Vista ’10 helps wash away the foul taste that is Vista ’08.

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