Blu-Ray Drops The Soap

I’m the proud owner of an HD-DVD player.

So when Blu-Ray won the fight, I figured that eventually I would wait for the prices to come down, then buy myself a Blu-Ray player, maybe even a Blu-Ray burner so I could convert my HD-DVD disks over to the winning format.

Well it has become apparent that Blu-Ray has dropped the soap. They were always more expensive than HD-DVD, and they always had fewer features than HD-DVD… Now that HD-DVD isn’t in the picture, the prices have shot up on pretty much all the players AND the media. If you want HD, you need Blu-Ray, so in the words of Eddie Izzard, all I’m hearing is “Fuckoff!”

What Sony SHOULD do, is offer an olive branch to the HD-DVD adopters, trade-in allowances for the media and players we own that offset the ridiculous prices of the current hardware.

Still, my HD-DVD drive does a fantastic job at upconverting standard DVD’s, and pretty much every movie out there that is available in Blu-Ray is also available in DVD… So why spend the cash? It still looks fantastic on my flat-screen television. What can Sony do for ME to get ME to spend my money on their product? As of right now? Not a damned thing.

So HD-DVD lost the format war, but Microsoft, Toshiba, and their ilk may get the last laugh as they watch Sony finally win a technology battle and then blow the end game.

Blu-ray hits bumps in the road to HD market dominance

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