Which is the bigger danger?

Drinking and driving, smoking, or crystal meth?

I find it completely ABSURD that it is easier to buy alcohol and cigarettes than it is for me to buy Sudafed.

If I buy too much alcohol, I’m an alcoholic or a drunk – both are legal.

If I buy too many cigarettes, I’m an idiot – which as proven by every presidential election since the 1700’s – is also legal.

If I buy too much Sudafed, I’ve committed a misdemeanor!

What’s the excuse? “Kids use it to make crystal meth.” Sure. Kids go to CVS, buy tons of pseudoephedrine, and make crystal meth. “For the kids.” That’s the end of America right there. Then again, they’ve used that excuse for years in everything from the FCC to the FDA to the friggin Patriot Act. Every time the Government finds a new way to screw us, it’s “for the kids.” The “law” states that an individual cannot purchase more than 9 grams of pseudoephedrine in a 30 day limit. That’s 9,000 milligrams. Who the fuck needs 9,000 milligrams of Sudafed? I’ve got Sudafed 24 hour here, it has 240mg (per pill) and lasts 10 days.  I sure hope the standard dose keeps my sinuses in check!

In order to buy Sudafed yesterday, I had to have my driver’s license scanned by barcode reader, and I had to sign the credit card reader at CVS in Goshen. Now what, where did my information go? What is it being used for? If I go to the Warwick CVS now and buy more so I have a supply at home – will I get a call from Homeland Security? There isn’t a single facet of our society that the Federal government hasn’t touched and subsequently fucked up.

Police State, Nanny State, you name it, I’d really fracking love it if the people who only seem to pay attention to civil liberty violations did so when ANYONE was in office, not just a Republican named BUSH or REAGAN. This shit was passed in ’05 to a round of applause – where’s the outcry? Probably passed by Democrats.

Sure, Crystal Meth is a problem, one that can easily be solved by finding the labs and instead of busting them – tossing a lit road flare through the window. Just blow ’em up! The law in this country is so fracking backwards – and all we have to say about it is “Obama! Hillary!” Get a fracking clue you mindless SHEEP.

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