Halfway to fixed…

The order is in for the new motor in the Chevy.

In the interim, so I don’t have to risk it blowing up – or have to tow it to my cousin’s to install the new engine, I’m going to fix the lifter problem myself.  I spent a good 4 hours today in the summer heat getting to know the engine bay of my pickup intimately.  Tomorrow, I’ll be taking a quick trip to Autozone so I can get a new O-Ring for the distributor and a lifter removal tool (maybe an electric cooling fan as well if they have them)… then hopefully I’ll get the intake manifold off so I can get at the lifters.

Theory at the moment – is that I’ve got a collapsed hydraulic lifter on the #4 cylinder, intake, exhaust, or both… once I get the cylinder working again – it’s off to Jersey and a brand new GM Crate motor. 🙂

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