Jumper / White Noise 2

Finally had a chance to see Jumper, starring Hayden Christensen, Rachel Bilson, Diane Lane, Samuel L Jackson, and Michael Rooker – I thought it’d be cool from the previews and I was right.  Basic plot, David Rice (Christensen) discovers he can teleport anywhere in the world – and uses it to escape an alcoholic father while making himself disgustingly wealthy.

Downside is that he’s not the only one, and there are a group called “Paladins” who are bent on killing all the jumpers because “only God should have that power.”  So what was fun turns into a nightmare as the Paladins (led by Diane Lane and Samuel L Jackson) stop at nothing to track down Rice and another Jumper who is actively seeking to destroy the Paladins.

It’s sci-fi at its best, a fresh idea IMHO and if it could be done well (and the first one made enough money) – worthy of a sequel.  Won’t complain about seeing Rachel Bilson and Diane Lane on the same screen either.

Also caught White Noise 2, starring Nathan Fillion (Buffy TVS & Firefly/Serenity) and Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica).  I didn’t like the first one, mainly because the ending absolutely SUCKED, that and it starred Michael Keaton.  Still, Fillion and Sackhoff are two of my favorite actors currently and any chance to see some Whedonverse characters unite with some BSG characters, I’ll take it.

Starts out slow as Fillion’s wife and son are murdered in front of him in a diner – afterwards, Fillion attempts suicide and after his Near Death Experience – finds he has the ability to see EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) without staring at a dozen screens full of snow.  Not only that, he figures out he can use this ability to save lives.  The movie starts slow, Fillion’s acting is as genuine as always (definitely one of my favorite character actors) carries it through the slow start until things get just plain sci-fi.

The ending was also a little iffy, but not nearly as worthless as the first in the franchise.  All in all – good flick, and I wouldn’t mind seeing Starbuck with some streaks in her hair when BSG returns next year. 🙂

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